Very interested in preserving family history now that I am getting oh so older…it is amazing what resilient ancestors my family evolves from.

Some grandparents cruised over on the Mayflower,  others came a few boats later.

All sides of my ancestors were pioneers with true grit and were constantly enduring hardships as well as living long lives.  We have robber barons, Revolutionary, British, Confederate, and Yankee soldiers, a President, bootleggers, suicides, gangsters and of course the pioneers, the toughest of the stock.

Hunting with Daniel Boone, hiding cousin Jesse James among other things made these ancestors worthy of a novel…. but for now a blog will have to do.

I was born in the Midwest, raised in the 60’s and 70’s. Moved 26 years ago to Palm Beach, and now living Vero Beach, FL @ Summerplace on the beach.

(still believe in ☮ & ♥like a good old hippy should)

Cathie Ridenour Rockwood